66 Music (66) have just returned from their North American trip having met with some of Hollywood’s finest music industry folk including: Gary Calamar (Best known for his work on TV Shows Grey’s Anatomy, House, Dexter, True Blood and hosting LA radio station RCW); Think Up Anger (responsible for the soundtrack to the latest Mission Impossible movie trailer - Rogue Nation); and their US Sub Publisher Angry Mob (currently known as one of the best pitching companies in LA Hollywood).

“The trip was a great success” says 66 Business Manager Jessica Holmick. “We were able to strengthen our existing relationships, open new doors and expand our network in the Hollywood music industry. This is really exciting and something we’re looking forward to sharing with our current roster of talent”.

“It was invaluable to get an insight into the latest trends and technological advancements in music delivery. It’s helped us to refocus our efforts more wisely” adds66’s Co-Founder and head of production Daniel Pinkerton “…but it was also gratifying to hear Hollywood’s elite re-affirm what we’ve always believed in. And that is, the correct protocols in which we conduct our business and just how important great production is. It’s satisfying to know that our production standard is Hollywood competitive”.

Exciting times for 66 Music who are clearly passionate about what they do, but it would appear that the yanks are just as fond of our Aussie music team.

Marc Caruso, CEO of Angry Mob Music Group (Hollywood) & Emmy Nominated Music Editor (best known for his work in major feature films:As Good As It Gets, Conspiracy Theory, From Dusk Til Dawn 3 and My Sassy Girl) affirms that:

“66 Music is a prime example of how today’s most successful music companies are multi-dimensional. From songwriting, composing, producing, even remixing to publishing and licensing, they embody the understanding that music can touch and affect us all, clients included, in so many ways. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with this spectacular music group”

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