Just imagine enjoying the freedom and support of working with your ideal producer who:

  • Is an industry professional whose work has been circulating on some of your favourite television networks such as MTV, BBC America, The Disney Channel, SyFy to name a few

  • KNOWS current production and engineering trends and can implement them into your own creative

  • KNOWS HOW to achieve a certain sound specific for different genres

  • UNDERSTANDS your vision but also has the skills and knowledge to deliver it 

  • Can GUIDE you through everything from

    • Developing the creative before recording

    • Harmony Arrangement and Performance Technique during recording and  

    • Delivering your final product that demands air-play in post production


Have an EP or project that you can be proud of!


If you’ve been struggling to get your music creative to sound good, finished… or you just don't know where to start, then get started today with the 66 Music Team.  



Defining the sound of your project isn't just about picking any old piece of music or sound.

It defines your image, what you stand for and sets the tone of the story you're telling.  


Music and sound is the emotional connection between you and your audience... and let's face it... MOST of the time we invest in something because we feel an emotional connection to the story.  

If your project needs custom music or sound design that's as unique as the story you're telling, get started today with your team at 66 Music. 





A remix doesn't necessarily mean a club or EDM version of your song... Don't misunderstand, we LOVE our EDM and club remixes BUT.... the whole point of a remix is to give a song a new life and a new meaning to a new audience that may not have accessed your song otherwise.

That might mean giving a song a more modern production sound with a current pop vocal.

Perhaps you want a stripped back acoustic version that can be played in cafe's or an indie film?

Maybe you want it to be larger than life and cinematic, something that could be the opening credits to a blockbuster?

Or maybe you do want an EDM four to the floor monster that you can give to DJ's?

Whatever market you're wanting to reach, get started today with your team at 66 Music. 



Dance Pop - 'PARTY LIFE' feat. Blaze & ChinCheck
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Club Pop Remix - 'NOT THAT SERIOUS' (66 Music Club Remix) by Mel Jade
00:00 / 00:00
Urban Pop Ballad - 66 Music
00:00 / 00:00
Brooding Singer Songwriter - 'HEAVY HANGS THE HEAD' feat. Sara Flint
00:00 / 00:00
Sound Design Trailer Score - 'GHOSTS IN A MACHINE' by Black Butterfly Music
00:00 / 00:00



Australian Songwriter

I've worked with 66 music for various things including remixes for myself and pop tracks for another project that I'm managing. I am always impressed with the quality of the work. They have amazing creative ideas, can take direction if I need something really specific and always come out with something really commercial. Also very easy to do business with as they're quick and organised. I'd recommend 66 music to anyone


Australian Songwriter

I have been working with Jessica from 66 Music for a few years now to complete my next EP and to publish my music. Jess has been an amazing support with anything business related. And sometimes emotional support lol She is very professional and has supported me through many hurdles, This has helped us build a trust which I haven't felt with other studios and publishers before. 
It has made things a lot easier for me because I know who I can turn to for sound advice. 

Daniel from 66 Music co-wrote the music for my EP after my original producer struggled to understand the sound and style I was looking for. 
He really listened to my likes and dislikes in helping me create my new sound. I finally have an album that I am truly proud of and one that defines me as an artist. I'm very grateful that he took the extra care that was required in creating my sound. 

The reviews so far have been amazing! Can't wait for the release!!! 5 gold stars guys!!


Canadian Songwriter

66 Music is a team of exceptional audio professionals with extraordinary creative range and unparalleled integrity. When we work together, I get chills because I know the end product will far surpass my expectations. I highly recommend 66music for any music/audio project, whether it is for an artist, an app, a TV show, an ad, or a film. I'm convinced that they can write, perform, and produce anything, from dance/electronic to rock, from a tender ballad to a monster hip-hop track. Their productions are slick, powerful, and always tv/radio ready. In a word, 66 Music is massive!