Australian band, Life Bitter Soul is raging through Canada and America with placements in Lost Girl, Dark Matter and now BBC America’s hit series, Orphan Black. ‘Dragon’s Den’ will be played on the Season 4 premiere of Orphan Black, scheduled to air on April 14, 2016.

Life Bitter Soul continues to serve the science fiction genre with its self-coined ‘sleaze-pop’. After seven international TV placements, its edgy, quirky and provocative blend of electronic pop-rock is proving to be the perfect fit for anything sci-fi, thriller or dark.

“We never cease to get a kick out of hearing our music on a show of that caliber. It’s amazing exposure for an independent group and we’ve established some loyal music fans who wouldn’t have found us otherwise. They’ve actually gone to extreme lengths to hunts us down which is always flattering.” (Daniel Pinkerton, Band Member - Life Bitter Soul). Life Bitter Soul’s publisher, 66 Music is no stranger to the American and Canadian industries or to the darker sound. Music with an edge is fast becoming the Australian based company’s reputable niche, with Life Bitter Soul among its bands that are leading the way

“North America has really embraced Life Bitter Soul. They are one of our most placed bands and to be honest I’m not surprised. Dark and edgy is our (66 Music) niche, which is the sort after sound for the darker sci-fi or supernatural shows and Life Bitter Soul is a natural fit. They sound like a cross between Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Placebo under sordid poetry with a vocal that reminds me of John Lennon.” (Jessica Holmick, Partner and Head of Publishing, 66 Music).

Life Bitter Soul is Daniel and Joshua Pinkerton; two brothers from Wollongong, Australia. To find out more about Life Bitter Soul, head to:

Life Bitter Soul’s TV placements to date include:

'Dragon's Den', Orphan Black Season: 04 Episode: 01

‘Got An Itch’, Dark Matter Season: 01 Episode: 04; ‘Rhythm Says Go’, Lost Girl Season: 01 Episode: 05’; ‘Na Na Nothing’, Lost Girl Season: 01 Episode: 10; ‘Ya Ya Ya’, Lost Girl Season: 01 Episode: 11; ‘Feel It Coming On’, Lost Girl Season: 05 Episode: 09

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