66 Music Opens Its Wings To 'Dark Matter' Australian publishing house, 66 Music is proud to support its Australian music artists as they rocket into Season 2 of the new TV hit series Dark Matter. Life Bitter Soul and Serpents Of The She are set to board the Canadian sci-fi series by former Stargate producers, Joseph Mallozi and Paul Mullie, which features talents such as Jodelle Ferland (Twilight), Alex Malari Jr (RoboCop) and Zoie Palmer (Lost Girl).

Life Bitter Soul returns to the show, after its track ‘Got An Itch’ turned heads on Season 1, Episode 4; this time featuring twice, with ‘Hammer’ (Episode 4) and ‘This Means War’ (Episode 7). Electronic pop-rock comrade, Serpents Of The She is set to launch its industrial ‘Heatwave’ into the series (Episode 5), demonstrating once again why the dark, edgy and evocative sound shared by these Australian artists is ideal for the science fiction genre. “This is our third international sync, and we are so proud of what 66 Music has helped us to achieve! Dark Matter is an awesome show, and we are stoked that our unique sound is being appreciated overseas, particularly by the science-fiction genre which we see as a perfect fit for us.” [Ace the Amara, Serpents Of The She frontwoman]

66 Music heralds an impressive and ever-growing distribution of syndicated music. Servicing its artists with a competitive standard of production and strategic positioning in international networks, 66 Music is in many ways paving the way forward for Australian music.

“Serpents Of The She and Life Bitter Soul are two bands that work hard for their craft and it’s rewarding when you’re able to showcase great music on a platform where it can be shared and appreciated on a large scale. Their music is raw emotion, evocative, edgy and dynamic. Dark Matter is a fantastic show and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have these two bands being the flagship for adding Australian music to the show's score." (Jessica Holmick - Partner, Creative Director at 66 Music)

Dark Matter follows the journey of a crew who wake with amnesia on a derelict spaceship. With threats to their survival and revelation of a criminal past, the characters find themselves in a web of vengeance and betrayal. Season 2 premiered on the Space Channel in Canada and SyFy in the US, on July 1, 2016. It is available on SyFy Australia.

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