66 Music artists break The Family Channel, Netflix, and The Disney Channel with one epic song

‘I Found My Voice’, a moving and powerful song written by Australian artists Melanie Schuijers and Daniel Pinkerton under 66 Music, has stolen young hearts across the world after being discovered by tween TV hit series ‘Lost & Found Music Studios’ and ‘The Next Step’.

With lyrics such as “Now I'm standing on my own, It's me against them all, and it never felt so wonderful ‘cause I found what I was searching for”, ‘I Found My Voice’ has provided the perfect fit for themes of self-discovery and self-belief explored by these shows.

“’I Found My Voice’ is about doing whatever is authentic to you even if nobody else gets it. That can be a hard thing to do” (Melanie Schuijers, co-writer)

Since first being sung by the cast of ‘Lost & Found Music Studios’ on Season 1 Episode 11, other members of the show have performed an acoustic version, with fans praising ‘I Found My Voice’ as the best song in the season.

"It was pretty surreal when I saw the response from fans of the show! It's exciting to be part of something that has so much support and I'm always very flattered and excited when I hear that people like something I've written,” added Melanie.

In The Disney Channel’s ‘The Next Step’, the song accompanies one of its stars, Alfie, in his solo dance to prove he has the drive and passion to make it. Following his performance, ‘I Found My Voice’ was added to the Season 4 Soundtrack. Fans now await the show’s first live concert in Australia and New Zealand where ‘I Found My Voice’ will be performed as a part of the international ‘Wild Rhythm Tour’.

66 Music has shown a talent for choosing and developing songs that speak to the heart of listeners, and that have the spark to take on a life of their own. Artists of 66 Music are becoming well known in the Canadian and Australian TV industry, for their ability to provide pioneering tracks.

“We knew straight away that Mel and Daniel had created something special. When you see that reciprocated by the fans of these shows you can’t help but feel proud." (Jessica Holmick, Creative Director, 66 Music)


‘I Found My Voice’ performed by cast members of ‘Lost & Found Music Studios’ on Season 1: Episode 11, broadcast on The Family Channel and Netflix:

Acoustic version of ‘I Found My Voice’ by cast members of ‘Lost & Found Music Studios’

‘I Found My Voice’ performed on ‘The Next Step’ Season 4: Episode 8, broadcast on The Disney Channel

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