66 Music goes behind the score of SyFy’s latest hit TV show Dark Matter during their visit to Toronto, Canada.

Both 66 Music Partners Daniel Pinkerton (Partner, Head of Production) and Jessica Holmick (Partner & Creative Director) were invited into the studio where the music for the hit show is created. Sitting in with Benjamin Pinkerton (Dark Matter's score composer) 66 were given rare access into the music behind the sci-fi thriller.

The show follows the story of six crew members who awaken from stasis on a derelict spaceship with no memory of who they are or how they got on the vessel. Created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie based on their graphic comic of the same name, the show has already developed a loyal following in Canada, US and Australia.

Season 1 which premiered on 12 June 2015 also included Australian music in the original soundtrack with songs from Life Bitter Soul (Got An Itch) and Blaze (Thank You No) both published by 66 Music in episode: 04.

The show is about to commence their second season which will air on Space in Canada, SyFy in the US, SyFyUK in UK, and SyFy and SBS2 in Australia later this year.

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